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Zayn Sings About Sex Again In Chris Brown And Usher’s ‘Back To Sleep’ Remix

This one is definitely NSFW.

After mercilessly teasing us with the so-called “ultimate R&B song,” Chris Brown has finally dropped his “Fuck You Back To Sleep” remix, featuring sultry contributions from Usher and Zayn.

Usher kicks things off with a hella sexually explicit verse that features a lot of background moaning, impressive vocal runs, and not-so-subtle innuendos about vaginas and pineapples and such. Breezy hops on next, and though his verse isn’t nearly as graphic, it’s surprisingly specific. After crooning about missing someone and being so very sorry, he finally reveals who he’s whining yearning for: “You want me to say your name, girl?/ Okay, Karreuche,” he sings, referring to his ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran. The two split up last March after it was revealed that Brown fathered a now-1-year-old child with another woman -- but it sounds like he’s unashamedly hell-bent on winning her back.

Not to be outdone by Usher’s NSFW-ness or Brown’s open letter, Zayn brings the song to its climax (no pun intended) with a verse that hammers home two points: 1) he really wants to be a legit R&B artist, and 2) he’s had sex and he likes it.

The newly minted solo star has long been a self-professed R&B fan, and this collaboration marks a major step in his transition into the genre. Singing on the same track as Usher and Brown is a pretty big deal, and Z more than holds his own, continuing his hot streak after the chart-topping success of debut single “Pillowtalk.” As for that second, sex-focused point, let’s just say Zayn’s having a blast being as explicit as he wants to be. “Baby just lay there naked waiting for me/ Let’s not get emotional” -- those are lyrics that would never appear on a 1D song, and Zayn sings them with the eagerness of a preteen boy who just saw Playboy for the first time.

Brown indicated on Instagram that his Usher and Zayn-featuring track is one of three remixes that he has on deck. The second one will apparently feature Miguel, August Alsina, and Bryson Tiller, while the third one purportedly boasts features from Tyrese, Tnak, and Trey Songz.