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Ryan Reynolds Came Up With The Perfect Sidekick For Deadpool

Deadpool 2 is looking even better.

Deadpool's only been out for a week and it's already breaking box office records right and left. The Internet is eating out of the palm of Deadpool's hand — which is just how he likes it, I'm sure — and Ryan Reynolds is having way too much fun both on and off-screen as the Marvel antihero.

But with all the success and praise the film's received from critics and fans alike, there's something missing from it, something people couldn't quite put their finger on until James Corden dropped some truth bombs.

"I watched it, I loved it, I couldn't help but feel it's missing something... a sidekick," The Late Late Show host admitted to Reynolds on Thursday (February 18). Surrounded by framed pics of his magazine covers (LOL), Reynolds told Corden he didn't think Deadpool really needed a sidekick, but Corden was insistent.

He debuted several potential ones for a less-than-amused Reynolds. After the final straw, Reynolds had his own idea that could make both Corden and himself very happy. Watch the hilarious video below.

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