McYay / Reddit

Don't You Hate It When A Stingray Photobombs Your Proposal Pics?

Yo, stingray: Get out the way.

Guys and gals spend months planning the most romantic proposal to their special someone. When that long-awaited moment finally arrives, nothing short of perfect will do. Unfortunately, animals have their own brains and will do whatever the hell they want to do regardless of your elaborate plans.

Reddit user McYay experienced this firsthand when she got engaged to her boyfriend at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto. A rogue stingray decided he wasn't happy with the couple being the center of attention, so he hilariously third-wheeled their proposal.

It's kind of amazing, right? McYay wrote that she spent "the next 10 minutes crying and laughing at the same time" after seeing the pics.

Proposals are supposed to be memorable, and McYay (plus the Internet) will never forget this one.

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