Taylor Swift's Latest Award Is (Literally) A Huge Middle Finger To Her Enemies

Watch out, Kanye.

Taylor Swift won a very special prize at the NME Awards yesterday (February 17).

The yearly U.K. music awards honored the singer with the Best International Solo Artist award. Taylor didn’t attend the ceremony -- she’s probably still in Grammy recovery mode after winning Album of the Year with 1989 -- but she did post a video after she’d received her statue in the mail.

Instead of golden globes or gramophones, NME honors its favorite musicians with giant bronze middle fingers -- a.k.a. the perfect symbol for silencing haters.

“I gotta be honest with you about this: When you first open up the box, this feels a little aggressive,” she said in her acceptance video. “Then you get used to it. You put it on the shelf like, you know what, I kind of like it. It’s kind of like, LOL. First impressions were a little weird here, but now I understand that this is actually like a strange compliment."

It’s no Grammy, but hey, what’s wrong with a little variety on your awards shelf?