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Walk The Moon Follow Up ‘Shut Up And Dance’ By Becoming ‘80s Video Game Characters

The video for 'Work This Body' is full of retro flair and one big food fight.

Walk the Moon might be best known for their dance parties, but it turns out they’re pretty good at starting food fights, too.

In the new video for “Work This Body,” the band rocks some retro superhero duds against an ‘80s CGI background -- it looks like they’re stomping around on the set of Tron or inside an Asteroids arcade game.

The video also follows a young devotee of the group who’s dressed up like lead singer Nick Petricca as he wins a grade school talent show by starting a massive food fight in the cafeteria.

“‘Work This Body’ is a song about getting my ass in shape and standing up to my fears,” Petricca said in an interview with EW. “The video portrays a school kid much braver than I was who starts a revolution with a lunchbox."

See the band’s fantastic costumes start a movement in the lunchroom below.