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Picture Proof Britney Spears Is Slaying In Her 30s

Bask in her grown up glow.

Our Britney Spears-loving hearts have been feeling pretty full lately, guys.

Once upon a time, we were getting kinda worried about the lady because her supernova status was starting to shine too brightly even for her, but now? Now, our girl’s got her stuff together, and dare we say it? From where we’re sitting, Britney has been even more on it in her 30s than when she first stepped up to claim her pop culture throne two decades back.

Sure, her Instagram feed sometimes reads like your aunt's inspirational cut-and-paste quote spate on Facebook, but we’re into it because (1) it tells us she’s totally feeling herself right now and (2) the world can honestly use all the happy vibes, so work bitch.

All her pics in between are what really give us the gooey guts right now, though, because what we're seeing here is our beloved Britney at her best.

  1. First of all, she’s been kicking A and taking names on stage.

    Brit’s Las Vegas residency has given her a work home to call her own (own being the operative word there), and she’s been absolutely killing it with self-reverential throwback moments, slick dance moves galore and the freshest work ethic. Not a slouch stance in sight, so get it B.

  2. She’s also been hitting the studio hard.

    Our power anthem playlist might soon get a much-needed Brit boost because the gal's been slaving away 4 u and me and everyone to make new music. And we're already starting to get teaser pleasers to get us ready for the deluge of delight we're all about to experience.

  3. Her style has been as hawt as ever.
    Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

    Admit it. The lady's been dropping your jaw left and right lately because not only is Britney stunning on the outside, but she’s got that giddy glow thing going on, too. They say a sincere smile is your best accessory, and in her case, that is an absolute fact because LOOK AT THIS WOMAN.

  4. Brit's got sass on tap.

    Good to know: she gets her caffeine fix in motherfucking (cup’s word, not ours) style. It's pretty invigorating to watch her reach this point of healthy DGAFness.

  5. We're all just here to witness her epic “haters to the left” era, TBH.

    This shirt is everything standing alone, but the fact that she’s sporting it while showing off her bare midriff is so win we can hardly handle it. You know that whole "the earth is five billion years old and you're living in a time when" meme? Totally applies here. Also? If we could bottle up this "bish, say something" expression and slap it on ourselves like a liquid mask each and every morning, we so would.

  6. Relationships schmelationships.

    It’s no secret that BritBrit has not exactly been the luckiest in love, but whatever toxic times she’s gone through on that end, she's got these two little studmuffins to show for it. Her proud momma pics are almost too adorable.

  7. She’s totally giving us post-20s bday party goals.

    Why do the boring birthday soirée thing when you can suit up in a baby blue bear robe and wave your wand around like the party princess that you truly are? She’s making this whole eternal adolescence of spirit thing look pretty amazing.

  8. Brit recognizes the importance of chillax time.

    Britney’s been getting herself and the kiddos out of the house a lot with rad activities like trips to the chocolate factory (uh, YUM) and sunning by the pool, which means she’s actively staving off those damaging celeb cabin fever episodes that bummed her out so hard back in the day. Good call.

  9. She’s tackling that TBR pile, too.

    Britney's also expanding her library a lot lately, and while she’s not exactly launching the next big book club, she has been putting some decent recs on the table.

  10. Her smiles are so glowy and we just want to swim in her bliss bath.

    Brit’s grin is becoming our new happy place on the real, tho. How do you top this? (Short answer: you don't.)

  11. She's finally embracing her icon status.

    The fame game can be pretty tricky because living in the proverbial fishbowl can remove all sense of perspective and reality. The public image vs. private life line can be blurred to exhausting proportions, and no one knows that better than Britney.

    This look says it all, though. She knows she's a qween, and she's officially ready to reign.