'Teen Mom OG' Move: Is Butch Ready To Leave Catelynn And Tyler's Home?

The grandfather wanted his own place -- much to his son's dismay.

Tyler's dad Butch has made tremendous strides since leaving prison -- including witnessing his son marry Catelynn as well as bonding with his granddaughter Novalee. And during tonight's "Teen Mom OG" episode, the grandfather felt confident enough in his personal progress and expressed his desire for his own personal space after staying with the newlyweds for several months. But is Butch ready to live independently -- or should he continue residing with the young parents?

While Butch was gung-ho about the potential big change -- dropping the news after the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon -- Tyler couldn't help but feel concerned right out of the gate about this possible move (even stating "your freedom freaks me out" to his parent). But after thinking it through further, Tyler spoke about Butch's desires with his friend Ashley -- specifically, how Butch's sobriety and his healthy lifestyle felt "too good to be true."

"He's not a normal 53-year-old -- he's an adolescent adult who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He needs certain guidelines to follow," Tyler said, adding that he wanted to go to therapy with his father to make sure his sobriety was not at risk.

And at the appointment with Tyler's longtime counselor Kathleen (seen above), Butch and Tyler candidly and emotionally addressed some very troubling topics, including Tyler's attempted suicide years prior as well as Butch growing up without a mother and with an abusive father. A teary-eyed Butch also took responsibility for all of his past actions and apologized again to his offspring.

Afterward, Tyler reflected on the session with Catelynn, but he still had trepidation about Butch departing their residence. For her part, Catelynn made an important point that Butch couldn't stay with them just because of her husband's fears and that Tyler needed to let go a bit.

But what do you think -- is Butch ready to have his own apartment, or should he continue to stay with Catelynn and Tyler? There's no denying that Butch has made a complete 180 since he left for his four-year-sentence -- but he has only been free for 12 weeks and is still adjusting to life outside of the penitentiary. Or is Tyler -- who admitted that he wanted his father to stay at his home because of his own selfish reasons -- being overly protective of his dad? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Mom OG" every Monday to see how everything unfolds.