Loki the Corgi / Instagram

Watch A Cute Corgi Reenact What Single Folks Will Be Doing On Valentine's Day

Let Loki be your spirit animal this V-Day.

Normally, being single is completely fine (despite what my mother would tell you), and having confidence in ~*yourself*~ is key before you commit to a relationship.

But on Valentine's Day, it gets a little hard.

Loki the Corgi, a dog with a bigger social media following than you, just released a short skit on Instagram detailing what it feels like to be single on the one day of the year when being single feels really difficult.

Look on the bright side though: if you're like Loki, you don't have to spend any money on flowers, a fancy dinner, or anything -- just one carton of ice cream. ?

Watch the hilarious video below.

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