The Problem Every High School Senior In A Relationship -- Including Me -- Is Facing

Whether one person in the couple is headed off to college or both are attending different schools, the looming fact of college is intimidating.

By January of senior year of high school, most couples are starting to either have “the talk” or have begun thinking about what will happen with the start of college in August (just seven months away). This has been the buzz among me and my classmates who are currently in relationships. Whether one person in the couple is headed off to college or both are attending different schools, the looming fact of college is intimidating.

There are couples that believe the smartest decision is to split up because long distance can be strenuous on a relationship. Some feel that waiting weeks at a time to drive, take buses or trains, or wait until breaks is too much. That being said, there are people I know who would be heartsick, trapped in their small dorm room, night after night missing someone.

Some couples that do not have deep trust in each other think that going to different schools and being apart for long stretches of time could result in cheating. I have heard of couples breaking up in fear of “getting a call one morning with him apologizing that he was drunk and it ‘meant nothing.'" Likewise, I have heard of many people wanting to have freedom to pursue all the social aspects of college without being “held back” by a significant other at another school.

Other couples that feel strongly enough for each other plan to put forth the effort to make long distance work. They plan on FaceTiming, making use of buses and trains that go between college towns, and hoping that one of them (at least) will have a car to make visiting easier.

Recently, my boyfriend and I have had this “dreaded conversation." Although we have only been dating for four months (yes, I know this is relatively nothing in comparison to some couples who have been dating years), we have realized that a long-distance relationship would be difficult if we decided to take that route. I know that personally, like many, I am a very clingy person and will have a great amount of trouble with the distance. But I think that when you are with someone who makes you incredibly happy, you shouldn’t allow distance or college to ruin something good. Something great is worth the battle if you care enough. Although this involves a lot of trust and patience, in my opinion, anyone can make their relationship work if they are willing to commit.

I realize that with these dark clouds hovering ahead it can be tough to not worry about the future and what will eventually happen in your relationship, whether it's a breakup or the test of distance. Seniors (and, really, anyone), don’t allow the future to stand in the way of enjoying what you have right now. Yes, it is scary and ominous and you may feel like your relationship is a ticking time bomb strapped to your ankle, but you can’t focus on that. As cheesy as it is, we have to enjoy 18 while we still have 18 to enjoy.

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