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Watch Single People Taste Test Those New Valentine's Day Drinks From Starbucks

Do they taste different when you're single?

If you have someone calling you "Sweet Cheeks," Valentine's Day is the best -- it's the perfect excuse to engage in all the PDA you want with the person you love. If you're single however, February 14 is merely an annoying reminder of your eternal, unending singledom. ?

Thankfully, even if no one's giving you chocolates this Sunday, coffee retail giant Starbucks will let you buy their chocolatey Valentine's Day drinks.

BuzzFeed asked eight single people to try Starbucks' new V-Day themed beverages: The Molten Hot Chocolate, The Molten Latte, and the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino. (They're molten because love is oh-so gooey.)

"Sweet, sickly and thick -- yeah, that's like Valentine's Day," one of the participants says as she tries the Molten Hot Chocolate.

The responses on the hot drinks are universally negative (sorry, Siren) and the participants get some pretty hilarious barbs in there -- but when they try the cold Frappuccino, they all love it. Hopefully that's not an indication of their icy, icy hearts, though. ?

Watch the full video below.