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Robin Williams Makes Everyone Cry In These ‘Mrs. Doubfire’ Deleted Scenes

This kid-friendly comedy was almost WAY heavier.

Most people tend to remember the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire by its wackiest scenes — fake boobs on fire, a pie in the face, a saucy vacuum cleaner dance routine, and Robin Williams’ silly cartoon voices, just to name a few.

But there was an unavoidable sense of sadness bubbling underneath the surface, as Williams perfectly portrayed a lonely man who goes to extreme lengths just to spend more time with his kids. That trauma is front and center in newly released deleted scenes from the film, which basically show Williams making everyone around him cry and scream and fight. Yep, this was almost a WAY more depressing movie, folks.

In the first scene, Williams’ Daniel Hillard arrives late to eldest daughter Lydia’s school spelling bee, and then argues with ex Miranda (Sally Fields) in front of the whole audience. As if that wasn’t sad enough, the next scene shows Lydia pleading with him to “pretend to be happy.”

“It would be a pretend family. It wouldn’t be real,” Daniel tells her. “Life’s more real and wonderful than that. Acting? It’s nice but it’s a job.”

“It’s your job to be our father,” Lydia retorts. ZING!

The last clip is even heavier, as Daniel and Miranda fight within earshot of their kids, arguing over who their kids love most. It ends with a dramatic “I hate you both!” from their scarred-for-live spawn, and ultimately makes us relieved the scene was left on the cutting room floor. Sure, it shows Williams’ impressive dramatic range, but damn… it’s pretty heavy stuff for a kids’ movie.