'Catfish' Recipe: Here's How To Make The Perfect Dish For Valentine's Day

And no, we're not talking about the (delicious) seafood.

"Catfish" do in fact come in all shapes and sizes -- something Nev Schulman and Max Joseph know all too well. But what components are needed to make the perfect suspicious person that would be featured on the long-running MTV series?

In honor of Valentine's Day (the show does feature a slew of love hopefuls), we created a humorous cartoon starring Nev and Max (clad in their best chef attire!) as they dictate a recipe in order to concoct a flawless seafood "Catfish." The most important ingredients?

"Six ounces of hopeless romantic, 10 ounces of a model, rapper or producer and 2 cups of middle-of-nowhere town," the silver fox dishes in the fun video above. So very accurate...

To see what other items are necessary to create the most flawless aforementioned specimen, peep the video -- and be sure to catch the premiere of "Catfish" on Wednesday, February 24 at 10/9c!

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