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A Deadpool Sequel Is In The Works, So Expect Even More Dick Jokes

The Merc with a Mouth is coming back for more.

The Merc with a Mouth hasn't even made his official big screen debut yet, and a sequel is already in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has already planned a Deadpool sequel to follow up the Ryan Reynolds starrer, out in theaters this Friday.

Deadpool has already won over critics, and now the studio is banking on it winning over audiences with its brash, R-rated humor and unabashed violence. Oh, and the sheer number of dick jokes and talk of Wolverine's privates alone will get butts in the seats ?.

Fox shouldn't have anything to worry about. The film is already tracking to open to at least $65 million over the upcoming four-day holiday weekend, which would trump Ant-Man's $57 million opening. (Not that this is a competition or anything, Marvel.)

Per the report, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote Deadpool, are writing the script for the follow-up. So you can expect even more dick jokes in Deadpool 2.

In other words, fuck yeah!