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Elle King Is Engaged — And We Knew It Would Happen All Along

We had our suspicions all the way back in September.

If you've ever creeped on peeked at Grammy-nominated "Ex’s & Oh’s" singer Elle King's Instagram page, you've no doubt seen a flood of images of this man, her boyfriend, affectionately referred to as "Fergie."

Over the weekend, Elle shared the exciting news that Fergie had proposed to her "on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge," and that she said yes. So, Elle and Fergie are officially engaged!

But, see, here's the thing: We knew this was coming. Or, at least, we knew that these two were totally in love and that they were bound to spend their lives entwined in the throes of romance. Here's the proof.

Back in September, Elle's song "Ex's & Oh's" hit the top of the Alternative Songs chart, making her only the second female artist to go to No. 1 on that chart in 20 years (Lorde was the first). We spoke to Elle about this, and one thing kept coming up throughout the interview -- Fergie.

  • When she found out the good news about her song

    "I was Seattle and my boyfriend and I were just shopping...and he just, like, picked me and swung me around."

  • When she was making post-tour plans

    "I want go to someplace really, really warm. I wanna take my mom, my best friends, my boyfriend."

  • When she had very specific plans in mind

    "I wanna swim in the ocean and make out with my cute boyfriend."

See? We knew it all along. Congrats, y'all.

"Ex's & Oh's" is up for two Grammys this year, one for Best Rock Performance and one for Best Rock Song.