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Justin Bieber's New Puppy Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Next to Justin, of course ;)!!!

There's a new member of the Bieber family — me. HAHAHAH, JK. I wish. The "real" new addition is a puppy named Phil, who Justin introduced on Instagram last night.

Here's what we know about Phil so far.

  1. Phil is very small.

    Phil is so small that his entire puppy head fits inside Justin's hand. If Phil wanted to play in the Puppy Bowl, Justin could wear that shirt to referee — I think a lot of people would watch. I would definitely watch.

  2. Phil has blue eyes.

    Justin noticed Phil's eyes and wanted his fans to, too — he captioned this photo, "Look at Philips eyes." I will, but also...this dog's full name is Philip and already has a nickname? Cool. Got it.

  3. Phil is getting a lot of attention, as all younger siblings do.

    Justin has another dog, Esther, who he had to make sure to pay attention to, so she doesn't get "too jealous." Welcome to being an older sibling, Esther. Your life will never be the same.