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What's It Like To Shave Your Head As A Woman?

Four women speak out.

Thanks to sexist gender normativity, women with long flowing hair are viewed as more feminine -- as if a woman's hair is connected to her womanhood.

Fairy tales like Rapunzel and the idolization of hair like that of Hollywood icon Veronica Lake only serve to support the societal norm that women "should" have long hair -- but times are definitely changing.

BuzzFeed found one woman willing to stare that idea blankly in the face and refute it -- by shaving her head.

"I definitely always wanted to have shorter hair, and didn't think that I could pull it off," Branson, the volunteer, says in the video. "I didn't think I was attractive enough. Now I still kind of hide behind my hair."

Three women who have (at one time or another) shaved their heads assist Branson by sharing their experiences and offering her advice. After it's over, they also cheer her on with a hearty "F--k yeah!" ?

Watch the full video below.