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People Discover Their Actual Ethnicity Through DNA And Are Pretty Shocked At The Results

'I'm gonna tell everyone I'm 1/50th white.'

Though both of my parents are from Haiti, a country with strong ties to France and many African countries, I have a few racial ties elsewhere in the world: North America, India and China.

These might seem surprising, but hey -- as five other people recently found out, genetic testing doesn't lie.

BuzzFeed's Test Friends decided to officially find out where in the world they're from.

To get genotyped, you need to submit just one ingredient: your saliva (ew). After a lengthy stretch of time where each of the friends try to collect a 1/2 tablespoon of it, (again ... ew) they send it out to genotyping company 23andMe.

After learning the results, 3 of the 5 participants are totally shocked -- turns out they were really wrong about where they came from.

Watch the full video below.