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Vin Diesel Is The Hottest Toys Salesman Ever In This Throwback Video From 1994

Watch bb Vin hustle shark toys on the street.

Before he was fast and furious, Vin Diesel was a bit of a hustler. And now, thanks to the magic that is the Internet, we have proof of Vin's mad skills. Behold, 1994's Street Shark salesman of the month: Vin Diesel.

Some glorious throwback footage of Diesel hustling Street Sharks merch at Toy Fair back in 1994 has found its way on the Internet (h/t Kotaku), and it's currently the only thing breathing life into my cold, dead soul.

Just watch as bb Vin demonstrates the punching, head-butting, and biting prowess of the ~ iconic ~ characters from the '90s animated series "Street Sharks." He looks so excited! Honestly, I'm not surprised. Whatever Vin does, he always gives 110 percent -- whether he's hustling toys at Toy Fair or growling into a bottle of Corona like only Dom Toretto can.

Steven Spielberg probably saw this and was like, "I need to hire this guy for 'Saving Private Ryan.'"