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Abe Vigoda, Who Played Otis In ‘Good Burger,' Has Died

He was 94 years old.

Veteran actor Abe Vigoda, known for his roles as Salvatore 'Sal' Tessio in "The Godfather" franchise, Detective Phil Fish on "Barney Miller" and the grandpa in "Look Who's Talking," passed away in a nursing home on Tuesday (Jan. 26), according to TMZ.

Despite his impressive body of work, Vigoda is probably best known to '90s kids for his role as Otis in the "All That" movie spin-off "Good Burger." Otis was the crotchety old dude who made the french fries, and was wrongfully committed to Demented Hills along with Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson), by Mondo Burger's head honcho Kurt Bozwell.

Oh, and he's also the character who delivered one of the film's most ~iconic~ lines: "Do you think you can get me to a hospital? I think I broke my ass."

For me personally, "Good Burger" was nothing without Otis. He was the grouchy old man everyone knew and loved, and a great source of comic relief. He had perfect comedic timing and was a definite scene stealer, upstaging the younger stars during several different instances.

Vigoda was a true master legend, even inspiring one California band to name themselves after him. TMZ reports the actor is survived by his daughter, Carol Vigoda.