The Slow-Mo Guys / YouTube

Watch A Slow-Motion Drill Make A Painting Worthy Of An Art Gallery

It'll mesmerize you into oblivion.

Artists are always finding new, unique ways to make art. For instance, there's a woman who bounces basketballs to create realistic portraits and a group of artists who paint underwater while in scuba gear.

Leave it to two scientist-types to find a brand new way to make an abstract painting: with power tools.

On Jan. 19, YouTube channel The Slow-Mo Guys uploaded a video of their attempt to make slow motion masterpiece, and they really succeeded.

Using a super-fancy camera that can take extreme slow-motion video, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy poke a hole in a piece of whiteboard and dip a drill bit in six different colors of paint -- then they turn it on.

The slow-mo video that results truly shows you that there's beauty in those moments that are too quick to see. ?

Watch the fascinating video below.