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Your Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Could've Been Packaged By Kylie Herself

Girl is serious about lip products.

Last time Kylie Jenner dropped her Lip Kits, they sold out almost immediately. Though the products were popular, actually delivering them to customers presented a slew of issues — some orders never arrived and, even weirder, some showed up totally unannounced. For her second batch of Lip Kit orders, though, Kylie isn't risking anything — she's taking matters into her own hands.

On Wednesday (Jan. 20), Kylie visited the Lip Kit factory and documented her hands-on approach, filling a tube with one of the highly coveted shades.

She completed the process by outfitting the tube with a brush, which lets us know she's not just there for the glory — she's going to see this li'l guy through to the end. Oh, and not that you needed another incentive to try to get a Kylie Lip Kit in your life, buuuut, Kylie signed the tube she packaged — imagine how much it would go for on eBay? Yeah.