Which 'Challenge' Vet Has The Upper Hand: Cara Maria or Johnny Bananas?

As 'Bloodlines' approaches its final leg, both competitors are itching to oust the other.

As the “Challenge” winds down and moves to administer its final bit of bloodletting, two veterans of the game are each hoping to take the other out of circulation.

On tonight’s episode, the final to feature a two-team system, Team Blue found itself, once again, at the bottom of the totem pole. Only Abram’s bloodline Mike and Cara Maria’s bloodline Jamie successfully completed “Air Pockets,” and since the noble Mike decided to vote himself into The Pit after the loss -- even though he cited Vince and Mitch as the team’s weakest male players -- it was up to Team Red to select his opponent.

Immediately, longtime rivals Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria each swooped in to convince Brianna -- the game’s lone swing vote -- to nominate the other’s bloodline. Cara Maria insisted to Brianna that Bananas would ultimately screw her over -- like he did to good friends Nany and Anthony -- and advised her to vote Vince into the elimination round. As an added bonus, she noted, it would be a great opportunity to finally get the loath of the cast out.

“Vince has done nothing but be a slimy greaseball -- creepy Uncle Vince -- this whole season,” she said. “It would be epic…to take him out. Bye bye, Bananas [too].”

And though Jenna and Brianna had previously sworn to vote Bananas into The Pit the first chance they had, Johnny made a valid point about the girls’ futures in the game and spelled out the benefit of getting rid of the tough-as-bricks Cara Maria before the final mission.

“Who would you rather go against: Rianna or Cara?” he asked.

Ultimately, Bananas’ powers of persuasion worked, and Brianna followed Team Red’s lead by voting Jamie – and, by extension, Cara Maria – into The Pit. Still, Jamie successfully outlasted Mike (or, more accurately, guest star CT) in “Hand It Over” and returned to the game.

Now, only five teams are left, but do you think either Cara Maria or Bananas will succeed in ousting the other from the game before the finale? Or will they both last until the end, and are we in for a dogfight? Share your thoughts on who you think has the upper hand, and be sure to catch the next “Bloodlines” episode next Wednesady at 10/9c!