Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancé Claims He Was An Abusive ‘Monster’ Who Is ‘Not Innocent’

Jodi Stachowski alleges that all the apparent affection between her and Avery on 'Making a Murderer' was staged.

Several days after Nancy Grace revealed that she believes “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery is guilty of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach — and just one day after Avery filed an appeal — Avery’s ex-fiancee Jodi Stachowski appeared on “Nancy Grace” to allege that Avery was a violently abusive “monster” and that she also believes he is “not innocent.”

In her interview with producer Natisha Lance on Wednesday (Jan. 13) night, Stachowski said, “He beat me all the time, punched me, threw me against the wall. I tried to leave. He smashed the windshield out of my car so I couldn’t leave him…”

She went on to allege that she didn’t actually want to be featured in “Making a Murderer,” that all of the seemingly affectionate moments captured between Stachowki and Avery in the Netflix docuseries were a lie, and that Avery told her how to act on camera and threatened her with violence if she didn’t comply.

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