Mike Windle/Getty Images

Quiz: Match The Liam Hemsworth Face To The Movie

Celebrate Liam's birthday with this quiz celebrating his filmography — and his face.

Serious question: How does one appropriately celebrate Liam Hemsworth's birthday? The Aussie actor turns 26 today (Jan. 13), and we've been debating between marathoning his movies all day and just staring at photos of him throughout the years (in a totally non-creepy way, of course).

So in an effort to combine those two activities, we've made a quiz that celebrates Liam's impressive filmography -- as well as his face. From his "Hunger Games" blockbusters to earlier movies like "The Last Song" and "Knowing," every flick in Liam's vault is represented in the quiz below. All you have to do is match his mug to the movie. (Note: We also snuck in a couple of Liam's upcoming films -- but if you're a true fan, you've already seen their trailers and know exactly what they are. And if not... just take a wild guess. You can do this.)

So, how did you do?! Let us know in the comments!