11 Iconic 'Lizzie McGuire' Hairstyles From The Very First Episode

The show first premiered 15 years ago today.

Fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton was finishing up his second term in office, people were still bawling their eyes out about the death of Wilson in "Cast Away" and Disney Channel's tween show "Lizzie McGuire" was born. The pilot for the Hilary Duff star vehicle debuted exactly 15 years ago today (Jan. 12) — which means all of us are now officially old.

Surprisingly, the show's pilot was actually solid and entertaining, which is definitely not the case for a plethora of TV programs. I rewatched the episode "Rumors" after not having seen it in at least 10 years — and I legitimately laughed out loud several times.

Fifteen years later, "Lizzie McGuire" is still a fun, heartwarming and enjoyable show for kids and adults alike. It just "got it," you know? Middle school sucks big time, yet "Lizzie McGuire" managed to capture the good times associated with this adolescent stage, as well as the bad.

To celebrate this classic Disney Channel show, let's take a look back at one of the unsung heroes of the whole thing: the ~groovy~ hairstyles.

  1. The pigtail braids look

    The very first look we got of Lizzie McGuire was this, and honestly, it's classic Lizzie. This will always be the look I associate with BB Hilary, because she actually managed to pull off pigtail braids with pizzazz.

  2. The spider legs look

    OK, what in the world is happening with Miranda Sanchez's (Lalaine) head right now? The ends really do look like spider legs, and the orange scrunchies only enhance this. In fact, she reminds me of those spiders in that one level of "Frogger." My colleague noticed she was trying to be like Sneaker Pimps, which just makes this moment all the better.

  3. The messy ponytail look

    Lizzie was queen of the "messy hair, don't care" mantra, and the pilot episode made that point crystal clear to its audience. Truthfully, we wouldn't want our tween heroine any other way.

  4. The mini colorful rubber bands look

    There's a lot happening here. Like, how long did it take her to ditch the spider legs look and then attach all these rubber bands? Miranda was always up for trying new hairdos, and she rocked them every step of the way.

  5. The random orange stripe look

    When did she have time to dye part of her hair? In this episode, Miranda took the blame for writing something mean about Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault) and spent the majority of the episode participating in a prank war with the OG mean girl.

  6. The green-eyed monster look

    Speaking of prank wars, this was one of several revenge measures taken by Miranda. Kate, green reallllllly isn't your color, girl — which clearly Miranda knew.

  7. The dreamy bangs look

    This hairstyle makes me nostalgic for my childhood bangs. They look so much cuter than Kate's non-bangs look with a barrette.

  8. The spiky-haired weasel look

    I'm 99% positive Lizzie has called her little bro Matt (Jake Thomas) this insult at least once on the show. The spiky hair will always be a kid fave; all Matt needs are some frosted tips on his spikes and BOOM, he's a mini Zac Efron.

  9. The classic pigtails look

    This is just so Lizzie. Like we wrote about earlier, Lizzie was super adorkable before it was even a thing.

  10. The blue streaks in hair look

    Are these actual dyed streaks, or just some kind of colorful extensions? Also, does Miranda spend all her free time on her hair when she's not at school or hanging out with her BFFs? She's a national hair hero, that's for sure.

  11. And finally, the I-unfortuantely-have-unwanted-color-in-my-hair-that-comes-out-sporadically-but-Imma-make-it-work look

    Even though Kate and her cheer squad sang the classic "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no allibi" tune about Lizzie, I think we all know they were really referring to Kate's half green/half blonde, full mess look.