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Ricky Gervais Might Host The Golden Globes Again — But Should He?

What do you think?

As to be expected, Ricky Gervais's fourth turn as the host of the Golden Globes Awards was full of offensive jokes, awkward moments, and a lot startled "OOOHS" from the crowd in attendance. But regardless whether you thought the show was a disaster or a success, one thing seems pretty clear -- Gervais might be back for more sooner than you'd think.

The comedian said as much last night (January 10) when he disclosed to Deadline during an after party that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has already asked him to return (MTV News has reached out to NBC Universal for comment and have yet to hear back). “What’s great is that NBC and the HFPA let me do whatever I want," he noted. "That is what’s so cool and great about them. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

But is that a good move for the HPFA?

In my personal opinion, Ricky Gervais has always consistently bothered me not for the offensive nature of his jokes (which, yes, were often transphobic and racist and sexist and every kind of -ist last night -- but let's be real, at this point we've all learned to expect that from him) but for the smug, uncharismatic way he delivers them. I know pretending to be above everything is his shtick, but when he addresses an audience as "disgusting pill popping sexual deviant scum," it feels less like a hilarious takedown or him speaking truth to power and more... well, mean and humorless. People were offended when Seth MacFarlane hosted the Oscars in 2013, but at least he had some charm, you know?

Despite the Internet's overall misgivings about this year's Golden Globes host, however, ratings for the event were slightly up this year, meaning that more people tuned in to see Gervais's antics -- so maybe there's something to putting him back on TV to soak up all that attention. And despite the backlash against Ricky's jokes, there's no doubt that there were just as many people who found him a laugh riot. Heck, some critics don't think he went far enough, instead relying on tired stereotypes and acting bored.

What do you think? Are you ready for the possibility that Gervais might once again host the Golden Globes? Make your opinions known below: