The New Season Of 'Arrested Development' Is Bringing Back The Ensemble

Heeeeeyyy brother.

There are two things in this world you can count on. There's always money in the Banana Stand and the next season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix is going to be a Bluth-filled banger in the mouth. Oh, right. In America we just say "sausage in the mouth." Either way, get ready for the exciting ensemble scenes you were missing in Season 4.

Tony Hale, who plays Bluth baby Buster on the show, talked to the Huffington Post about all things "Arrested Development" and teased a more family-focused season ahead.

"It was really tough to pull everybody together for the fourth season, so I know [series creator Mitchell Hurwitz] has said that he wants to have a lot more ensemble scenes where everybody is together."


Which is exactly what the world wants. Those ensemble scenes make the show and were sadly missing from the 2013 Netflix revival. Executive producer Brian Glazer promised at least 17 more episodes, all brimming with Bluths. And surprises.

"What I appreciate about it is that there’s no formula it fits. It’s always a surprise," Hale told HuffPost.

The new season won't follow the same single-character-episode formula as last season, either. Fans of "The Jinx" or "Making A Murderer" will be able to follow the same intrigue as we try to solve the murder of Liza Minnelli's blurry, spiky Lucille 2.


You're going to have to wait a while, though. Production is set to start in January or February of 2016 and it will be another four or so months after that for the show to hit Netflix.