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Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Up For 'Wittle Vaginas' And Planned Parenthood In This Badass Interview

JLaw isn't just using her voice for fart jokes anymore -- and it's pretty radical.

Jennifer Lawrence, ICYMI, has been an Internet darling since, oh, 2012? Yes, let's say 2012. Always good for a clumsy GIF, a fart joke, or a candid remark about sex toys, her headlines have historically written themselves -- except lately, the "Joy" actor is also using her voice to say things of actual substance. And it's pretty flipping awesome.

In her most recent interview with Glamour, for example, Lawrence makes it pretty damn clear that she's a card-carrying feminist who is willing and able to stand up for the rights of the millions of women who love her. (She doesn't actually say the F-word, but come on. This is 2016.) From taking a solid stance on Planned Parenthood to mocking the notion that human beings with "wittle vaginas" can't sell movies, she's using her influential status to clap back at problems that affect women from the Hollywood level, all the way down to you and me.

Here are some of my favorite bits:

On "The Hunger Games" breaking box-office records -- even with a female lead:

"As women we don’t know we’re at a [box office] deficit because we have vaginas. It wasn’t until they had a headline like, 'Even though she’s a woman!' And I was like, 'Oh. I didn’t know to be looking out for that.' [Baby voice] 'How did this wittle vagina manage that? I carried a whooole movie... How did I do it, getting a period once a month?... We had to take a week off every month. I had to go to my red tent in the desert and wait it out."

"I think there was this studio mentality for a long time that women and girls can relate to a male hero, but boys and men can’t relate to a female hero. But that’s simply not true. And so we’ve fortunately proved that."

On the pay gap (again):

"The women’s pay gap is a real thing that a lot of people don’t know about. It hasn’t been in our consciousness; it wasn’t in mine. I don’t think it was Sony’s fault [that I was paid less than my male costars in 'American Hustle']. I don’t think it was anybody’s fault... I wanted to write about how I got in my own way. ’Cause I assume that in negotiating, the men were tough as balls."

On why she called her stolen nude photos a "sex crime":

"If I was quiet, it would have seemed like I was ashamed. And I wasn’t ashamed; I was enraged. Not once have I felt like I 'learned a lesson.' I didn't do anything wrong!... Even I've defended myself by saying I was in a relationship with a wonderful man for five years. But even if I wasn't, even if I [just] went on a date with a guy -- it doesn’t matter what the situation is. It's your body. And you can do whatever you want."

On the necessity of Planned Parenthood:

"It’s so awful... It isn’t an attack on abortions; it’s an attack on women. Because Planned Parenthood is so much more [than abortion]. My mom was really religious with me when I was young. She’s not so much anymore. And I wouldn’t have been able to get birth control if it weren’t for Planned P. I wouldn't have been able to get condoms and birth control and all these things I needed as a normal teenager who was growing up in a Jesus house. What harm comes from supplying people with birth control, condoms, Pap smears, and cancer screenings?"

On her character Joy being a woman who "has it all":

"You can have children and love them with all your heart and soul, and love your family, and it’s still OK to have a fire in you. That doesn’t have anything to do with your family. That has to do with you. She has a gift... and she can’t shut it up."

On Larry David's Bernie Sanders impersonation:

"I masturbated to it... Joking. Obviously didn’t."