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7 Things You Can Ask Selena Gomez About That Aren’t Justin Bieber-Related

She’s ‘beyond done’ talking about her ex — so let’s talk to her about these things instead.

Like her ex Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is saying she’s “sorry.”

Only, Selena’s “sorry” is less of an apology and more of a statement: She is totally, unequivocally done talking about her and Justin’s relationship. And, actually, that’s nothing to be sorry for.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 23-year-old was asked, “Recently, we saw an Instagram video of Justin Bieber singing to you just before the American Music Awards. What is happening there, and what is it like to have the world see that?”

The interviewer was, of course, referencing a fan-shot video of Justin serenading Selena with “My Girl” in a Beverly Hills hotel in November, which naturally prompted a frenzy of “are they or aren’t they back together” speculation.

“Well, I am sorry, first of all,” Selena answered. “And honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

That mature, matter-of-fact response says it all: Selena is more than her ex. She’s more than one, long-gone relationship. To answer questions about someone you dated as a teenager every time you want to talk about your work is embarrassing, so let’s all make it our 2016 resolution to stop doing it and to start asking Selena about things that matter. Like…

  1. Her music.

    UM, DUH. Selena is a musician and a writer and a performer, and like other artists, she needs to be asked about her work. She recently released her fifth album, Revival, which was low-key-or-maybe-high-key one of the best pop albums last year. Ergo, there’s an ocean of questions you can ask her: what inspires her songwriting, which female artists she looks up to, how she takes the mature themes of Revival and translates them to her fun live shows. Artists love talking about their fans; ask her about the people she’s met on the road. What kind of artist does she want to be, what are her goals and her hopes and her dreams? The girl’s only 23 and she has a long career ahead of her — let’s find out more about that.

  2. And burning questions about specific songs.

    Go ahead — ask her all those silly questions about certain songs you’ve always wanted to know. Here’s a sampling of mine: Can she whistle like the person who whistles up a storm in “Kill Em With Kindness?” Who even did that whistling on the record? Does she blast “Birthday” on her actual birthday like I do? Also, why was that song not released as a single, because IT RULES. Does she get a dizzying rush of pure empowerment when she sings “I’m going home with who I came with, and who I came with is not you” from “Me & My Girls?” In “Camouflage” she says she’s driving on the 405 (a notoriously hellish L.A. freeway that must be avoided at all costs) — why would she torture herself like that? Is ANY guy actually with crossing the 405 for? And most importantly, is she aware that the moment in “Hands To Myself” when she goes “I mean I could but why would I want to?” is the most flawless moment in recent pop history???

  3. Her family and her childhood.

    Sel’s tight with her fam. She has a little sister and a baby godson, who are both unbelievably cute and who will grow up with a beautiful and inspiring woman to look up to. Ask Selena about the lessons she wants to pass on to them, the dreams she has for them, and whether she wants her own family someday. And then talk to her about growing up in Texas and how that shaped the person she is today. While you’re at it, ask her about being homeschooled, being on “Barney & Friends” (what was the dude in the purple dinosaur suit like IRL???) and whether doing that Disney Channel wand-waving promo was as fun as it always looked.

  4. Her acting.

    Don’t forget: Sel has racked up plenty of acting credits in comedies, dark comedies, animated movies, dramas and more. Ask her about what projects she has in the pipeline, the dream roles she wants to play, challenges she’s faced as an actress and how she overcame them, funny stories from the sets of her movies. Honestly, ask her literally anything related to any of her movies: She learned to play polo for “Monte Carlo” — does she ever play polo? Or is it as difficult and boring as it sometimes looks? She voiced a character in “Hotel Transylvania” — does she believe in vampires? She’d probably answer any of these stupid questions before answering anything about Bieber, TBH.

  5. Her charity work.

    She’s done outstanding work for UNICEF and The girl has a heart of gold, and it deserves attention and recognition, so ask her about the causes that she’s passionate about, why that work is important to her, and what she hopes to accomplish.

  6. Her style.

    She’s covered dozens of magazines, scored deals with Pantene and Adidas, and knows a thing or two about slaying red carpets. Surely, she has a lot of style knowledge we could all benefit from. Mostly, though, we need to find out every detail about the colored contacts she wore at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year, because I wouldn’t be opposed to her starting a new “eye color chameleon” trend in 2016.

  7. Her faith and her strength.

    Selena’s been open about her struggle with lupus — how did her faith help her through that? Who does she turn to for support? How does she find the inspiration to go be a public figure on days when she wants to lay in bed? Sure, these are tough and personal questions, but they get to the heart of who she is more than questions about an ex-boyfriend do.