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Of Course Nina Dobrev Is The Most Fashionable Shark-Diver Ever

The bar on beautiful 2016 swimwear has just been set super high.

Nina Dobrev has been quietly running the great swim gear game for a while now -- remember that ridiculously gorg waterwear that she just casually hit the ocean-side slide with last summer? Yeah, we're still ten shades of green with envy over that one.

As aware as we were that Nina's always on-point with her bathing suit selections, though, her latest look still left us grazing the floor with our chins because (1) HELLO and (2) huzzah!

Nina and some pals went diving with wild sharks on Sunday (Jan. 3) and ditched the sartorial norm (you know, the safety body suits) for said occasion, instead opting to get flirty with the sharks in a lavish, long-sleeved one-piece.

Seriously, this girl's level of chic knows no bounds -- by land or sea.

The year has only just begun, but already we might already have a contender for swankest swimwear of 2016 right here.