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At Least One Of Meek Mill’s Feuds Is Over

Ar-Ab talks about his Meek feud.

Drake's "Back To Back" wasn't just about his beef with Meek Mill. If you recall, the cut also featured a reference to another Meek rival.

"I drove here in a Wraith, playing Ar-Ab," he rhymes on the track, referencing a Philly MC feuding with Mill. Apparently, there's an update to that AR dispute now, though.

“I actually talked to Meek Mill and sh-t,” AR told Report Card Radio. "I knew Meek before this rap sh-t. The city’s small. If it was some real beef, somebody would've been got killed. He said what he said, I said what I said. If it was real beef, I wouldn’t have made no diss song. I would’ve just started shooting. But I figured, this is rap sh-t, man, make a diss track. When in Rome you do as the Romans, right?"

While these two spitters got on a call and got "to the bottom" of their disagreement, Meek looks like he's still at odds with Drake. In fact, Mill might be planning to diss Drizzy again on a "Back To Back" remix. Check a recently-leaked snippet of that below.

Guess some beefs aren't that easy to settle.