'Challenge' Shocker: Johnny Bananas Throws Nany To The Wolves

But was his 'Bloodlines' vote as shocking as Sarah's 'Exes 2' shakeup?

Johnny Bananas made good on his enduring promise that “All’s fair in love, war and Challenges” on tonight’s “Bloodlines” episode.

After yet another Team Red victory in “Family Connection,” each team was tasked with nominating a female competitor from Team Blue to compete in The Pit. KellyAnne volunteered herself on Team Blue’s behalf, and since Team Red’s newbies couldn’t advance their strategy to oust Bananas on a female elimination day, they decided to go after his right-hand woman instead: Nany.

Minutes before Team Red’s deliberation, Johnny Bananas told his cousin Vince, “I can’t say Nany, I can’t say Aneesa,” adding “Nany: she’s one of the only people left that I have a relationship with outside of the show, and who I’m obviously gonna be looking out for.”

Welp, when Johnny got the impression that Nany was Team Red’s sole target, he decided to spare himself from the potential repercussions of dissent and nominated Nany into The Pit. Plus, to add insult to injury, his was the first vote cast.

“I am absolutely shocked,” Nany, Johnny’s longtime friend and ex, said. “I feel like the Red Team would respect Bananas a hell of a lot more if he didn’t say my name, because that shows character.”

Even one of Johnny’s longtime nemeses, Abram, who had no stake in Bananas’ relationship with Nany, thought the vote was ill-conceived. “What a piece of s**t,” he said. “Who does that?”

“Had I known that it was going to be this big of a f**king catastrophe, I would have never said her name,” Johnny concluded. Still, if he looked into his own rear-view mirror, he probably could have predicted the fallout.

It was only a single “Challenge” season ago that Johnny found himself on the receiving end of what he saw as friendly fire. In “Don’t Let Me Down,” the penultimate “Exes II” challenge, Sarah voted Bananas and Nany into The Dome against Leroy and Nia to ensure that the final mission would commence with one fewer strong team. Johnny and Sarah, who were friends, had previously discussed the benefit of weeding out strong teams en route to the game’s end, but when the strategy was used against Bananas, he became incredulous (as seen below).

“They executed arguably the most calculated, callous and heartless move ever,” he said between stunned pleas of “Sarah!”

At this point, Nany might argue that Bananas’ is giving the eventual “Exes II” champion a run for her money.

So which do you think was more shocking: Sarah’s eleventh-hour power play, or Johnny’s jumping onto Team Red’s bandwagon and tossing Nany to the wolves? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new “Bloodlines” episode next Wednesday!