MellowHigh Wants To Dress Riff Raff Up As Shaft For Halloween


Domo Genesis is riding around Los Angeles in a car with his friend Jasper, wondering what sort of Halloween costumes he'd dress various rappers up in. The philosophical garment musing has come at Hive's prompting, what with Domo teaming up with his Odd Future pals Hodgy Beats and Left Brain to form the MellowHigh trio -- and releasing the rap ensemble's self-titled album on All Hallow's Eve.

The MellowHigh album itself is not a specifically ghoulish-themed project, but Domo assures Hive that it dips in a dark and disturbed direction and is a fine accompaniment to a night of mischief. So while you download the latest release in the Odd Future saga, read on to find out the all-important answer to just what Earl Sweatshirt, Riff Raff and Miley Cyrus should be donning this Halloween. (Clue: There's a lot of hair game involved.)

Why did you decide to release the MellowHigh album on Halloween?

Well MellowHype [Hodgy and Left Brain's group] put out a project before on Halloween so when it got to the point where we were finished on the album the timing just felt right to do it again to keep the MellowHype spirit going. Plus the 31st is one of my favorite holidays, you know? It's where the mischief takes place!

Are there any Halloween-themed songs or concepts on the mixtape?

Nah, it's not specifically a Halloween-themed project, you know, but there are a lot of dark songs on it that will help people get into the spirit of the holiday. But there's also a lighter side to it.

What are the darkest moments on the album?

We have one song, "Roofless," that is such a dark track, especially with Left Brain's beats. It's one of the last songs on there and it will work for Halloween definitely.

Are there any surprises on the project?

Yeah, we got Curren$y and Smoke DZA to be a part of it; we've got a track on there with them two ["High Life"], which is something that I do not think people would expect of us. But I think the whole mixtape is a step up. It's not exactly what people want and expect from us, but it's something new for people to hear from us. There's slowed-down and chilled tracks, but there's also this really dark stuff.

Do you argue with Hodgy and Left Brain when you record together?

Not really. Actually, not at all, honestly. We pretty much work together breezily and it works out for the best.


You released a promotional video where you took a yoga class with Russell Simmons. How was that?

Actually it was pretty nice! I'd never thought I would actually meet Russell Simmons in person -- every time I'd see him in places it never led to an introduction -- but he was really, really cool and was keeping it real. It was a great experience.

And the yoga?

I don't think I'll ever do yoga again! I don't think it's for me. That one day was cool though. I got through it just about.

You mentioned the mischief that happens at Halloween. What's the worst thing you've done during the holiday?

I remember one year we were driving around throwing eggs at the cars that were coming by on the opposite side of the street. We hit one car that really didn't like that shit -- they chased us for like 30 minutes and I didn't know what the hell they were going to do.

Did they catch up to you?

Nah, we got away in the end. But it was close.

Do you have any tips to avoid getting hit with eggs at Halloween?

You can't really avoid that! That's the kinda fucked-up thing about the holiday -- you can't avoid it. You just have to stay where you are and stand your ground and be an asshole too.

What's the most outlandish thing you've dressed up as for Halloween?

Last year I was a nun.

How did that go down?

I kinda got a lot of weird looks but also a lot of laughs. The girls seemed to love it.

Could you recommend an outfit for Tyler, The Creator for Halloween this year?

I don't know. My friend Jasper in the back says he should dress up as a lady. I could see that.

What about Earl Sweatshirt?

Earl could be a giant hairline. I don't even know if that costume exists, but it would be funny to have Earl just as a giant hairline. Maybe we should sell the hairline costumes, though it sounds funny as an idea, but I don't quite know how we'd make Earl hairlines.


What would you dress Russell Simmons up as?

He should dress up as Morpheus from "The Matrix"! It's 'cause he's bald!

How about Miley Cyrus?

Fuck! Oh my god, who would I dress up Miley as? I think she should dress up as Jasper's girlfriend.

What would that involve?

It would involve private engagements in Jasper's room with the door locked. Maybe a nun outfit too. Whatever they want to do -- I don't want to get too in detail about what they would dress up as.

What about Jasper?

He'd be a Ninja Turtle. Let's make him Michelangelo.

For a final costume, what would you like to see Riff Raff dressed as for Halloween?

He could be Shaft! We could take him shopping to Mr. Big And Tall for the outfit, they have shit like those clothes.

Do you think Riff Raff would let you shave his hair off?

Ha, yeah, he'd have to do that! We'll make it happen. Riff Raff will be Shaft!

Just finally, why should people play the new album on Halloween?

Actually, the intro song is pretty ridiculous. It sounds like it's introducing some Halloween characters. It's crazy. People should start out their Halloween holiday with that song.

MellowHigh is out now.