Beach Fossils Get Tour Drunk In 'Generational Synthetic' Video

In the fall of 2012, post-punk disciples Beach Fossils -- lead by Brooklyn native Dustin Payseur -- would enter the studio with Ben Greenberg of The Men to record their sophomore long player, Clash The Truth. Now, after finding themselves down two members (Cole Smith from DIIV and John Pena from Heavenly Beat) the two return with an album not only capturing the frenzied spirit of their live show, but some refreshing, smart songwriting as well.

The clip for "Generational Synthetic," the second single off of the LP, sends viewers into the same sort of conniption that a Beach Fossils live show can induce. Directed by Pierce McGarry of the Mac Demarco gang, and shot on on VHS camcorder after a show in Brighton, it's hard to tell if this is the best or worst trip of all time. Perhaps it's both. "Pierce went all out. We were delirious from being on tour and I just let him do anything he wanted," Payseur told Hive.

The warped tape effects and baby doll heads seem to tie in quite well with the dark croon of Payseur. The song's title, he explains is "partially about how movements in art and music are progressing so quickly today that they become hollowed out and unrepresentative of anybody or anything." You can sense the frustration as he sings the chorus, "Oh your words are so magnetic/ generation apathetic."

“I'm really suprised at how this came out. Without the quick edits and overlays this could have ended up looking like a Wu-Tang video," he adds.

Peep the lo-fi goodness below hereabouts.

Beach Fossils hit the road with Kurt Vile this fall. Clash the Truth is out now via Captured Tracks.