Tezeo Give You A Geography Lesson With Their ‘Back 2 School Mix’ For Hive


Tezeo, the electronic duo of Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani, might not have to return to school this fall, but they certainly feel your pain. On their "Back 2 School Mix" for MTV Hive they’ve put together a mix of “tracks that push so hard that they become unclassifiable with respect to genre and locale.” How's that for a geography lesson, kids?

Like a handful of other Brooklyn-based musicians, Tezeo earned their chops at Oberlin Music Conservatory studying experimental composition. Upon arrival in NYC, they joined forces with Mario Diaz de Leon to form metalcore outfit Desert of Colors. As Tezeo, they create genre-bending, club-inspired music combining their versatile influences. “We love artists who push traditions and expectations in a way that feels honest and natural,” they told Hive.

The mix, which includes music from New York City, Buenos Aires, Setúbal, London, Lagos and elsewhere is more than a half-hour of pure bliss. “We've been listening to some of these tracks for years, others were recent finds. Some of these tracks where made by friends and some by folks across the ocean that we'd love to meet,” they said.

Put your globes down and study their exclusive mix for MTV Hive below:

Tezeo’s self-titled LP is out Oct. 9. It will be self-released.