Eminem Joins ‘The Stroke’ Club With ‘Berzerk’: Meet His Fellow Members

Photo: Facebook

When Eminem released “Berzerk” Monday (August 26) as the second song off of his upcoming MMLP2 album project, he joined a very exclusive club — “The Stroke” club. Before your mind heads to dirty places, read on.

“Berzerk” features Em in typically angry mode, as he yaps and yelps his way through a rant that includes tabloid targets the Kardashians. At one point Slim Shady also advocates letting your beard grow out, which is handy as the track was produced by bushy production master Rick Rubin, who conjured up a boomin’ beat by tapping into ’80s rock man Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” — a jam that has found its way into many a songs in the past.

With big beats now apparently back in vogue, here’s a quintet of other artists who have also mined from Squier’s loud-ass sample stash.

1. Jay-Z, “99 Problems”

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