Watch Perrion Finesse His Way With the Ladies in "Superfly"

"When I first heard Perrion I heard the microphone savvy of Buckshot Shorty with the on-screen potential of Mos Def." So says the mighty Pharoahe Monch, who is endorsing the young Harlem-based rapper who has signed up as the newest recruit to the W.A.R. Media family. Handily, Hive is also premiering Perrion's new flick for the song "Superfly" today. Filmed on location around Manhattan, the visuals to the easygoing track were directed by Wil Suarez and document the cocksure Perrion's attempts to, as he put it, "show my abilities to finesse my way in with the ladies with just my slick words, clever punchlines and, of course, good looks." To do this, Perrion makes judicious use of the classic rapping-on-a-fire-escape tactic and seduces a girl with ice cream.

Talking about the synergy between the song's lyrics and the video's visuals, Perrion told Hive, "This song is pretty much based on how I am at the top of my game with the ladies and still able to stay focused on my career and maintaining my rapping skills." Over a production by Scoop One, Perrion explained that as soon as he heard the breezy beat, "I felt it needed to be a flashy yet laid-back type of vibe … I felt it was perfect because I'm a laid-back kind of dude but I still manage to go in on the lyrics." Then he added, "This is really like the first female intended song I put a video out for -- I definitely needed to cater more to my female fans out there."