M83 Get Far Out in the Supervideo for "Claudia Lewis"

Ever since M83 hosted a very special outer-space edition of Weird Vibes for us, we’ve always associated his album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming with the mysteries of the galaxy. Now, almost two years since the album’s release in October 2011, this alien-friendly association has come full circle with the super video for “Claudia Lewis.” What makes the video “super,” you ask? For starters, it is directed by Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, who’s appeared in movies as diverse as Twilight, The Help and 50/50. Here, Howard sets the stage for an interplanetary love story centered around a female protagonist played by Lily Collins, most famous for her role as Snow White in the 2012 film Mirror, Mirror. Already equipped with a distinct mop of blue hair, Lily’s skin slowly develops an E.T.-like glow until she is beamed into the stars along with her high school beau. We get it: sometimes high school seems like a different planet.