Travi$ Scott Takes Flight for 'Artist to Watch Live'

Last night, rising Houston hip-hop artist Travi$ Scott took to the stage as a part of Hive's Artist to Watch Live series and he immediately showed us why he's one of hip-hop’s newest, yet most prolific talents. And this summer's been great, so far for him: He has production credits on two of the biggest albums of the year in Kanye West’s Yeezus and Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail as well as releasing his debut EP, Owl Pharaoh. Check out all the action above, as he runs through a vicious set featuring songs like "Sin City," Quintana," "Upper Echelon" and read our conversation with Scott below.

You said once that performing for MTV signified that you had “made it.” Do you feel like you’ve made it?

Not by far. I definitely have done some cool shit, but I haven’t made it by far. I gotta have a billion dollars to make it. Shit man, in the next like three years. Shit, now. You never know. I got ideas.

The first time you met Kanye, he made you eat a Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco on a Hermes plate.  He couldn’t upgrade to maybe La Esquina? C’mon.

[Laughs]. Aaaaahhh yeah! Nah. He was on some cool, fast food shit. I mean, that taco had sour cream on it. Whatever that white shit is.

You hate sour cream. Was that the worst thing you had to stomach for hip-hop?

Nah. That was one of the best things. I played him songs I had that I’m never putting out. I was going to put it out, but then I hung out with that n***a and I knew I had to make an ill ass album.

You produced several songs on Yeezus. Did you download a leak?

I leaked it. Yeah. [Laughs]. I just wanted a full mastered version, but then I’mma buy it.

Every producer I know has a dream to work with Kanye and Jay Z ... 

That’s not my dream. My dream is to work in movies. Just some Travis Scott shit. I mean, I don’t know. One of my [billion] dollar ideas.

Let’s talk about your EP, Owl Pharaoh. I heard it was named after the fact that you don’t sleep and you like Egyptian stuff.

Yo. I love you. I love you so much ‘cause usually you talk to people … One time I had an interview and before the interview he [the journalist] said, “I don’t even know you man.” So I ask him, “Why are you interviewing me?!”

Yes. I am the best.

That’s fresh. Man I put a lot into Owl Pharaoh. There’s songs I took off that to save for more like, a real album. It’s just a taste. It was ill man. I got to run ideas and work with people. It turned out pretty good though, man.

When is your full album coming out?

Man. I would tell you, but then this is going to come out tomorrow and the headline is going to be about that. I mean, we kind of have an idea but I just want to focus on finishing this set on people’s eyes and then…yeah.

Have you bought North West a baby gift yet?

Probably something fresh. Maybe a ring, a Cartier ring. I already got a gift. I can’t say though.

You’re very secretive. I think you’re worried about what the headline is going to be.

I have to! I did an interview for y’all last time and it was about my album but the headline said “Travis Says Kanye’s Album Is…” We had a full, nice talk about my album and the headline was about Kanye.

So what would you want your headline to be?

“Sowmya Sat Down and Talked to La Flame.”