Drift Through Space With Egadz's Psychedelic Breakbeat Mix for Hive


Southern California producer Egadz has been pushing his style of quasi-hip-hop meets electronic-breakbeat music since 2001. His original productions, including those on his upcoming album Satellites (due July 30th), are full of rugged percussion and rich, melodic synths that have a heavy dream-like element. His spacey Hive guest mix might remind you of an early DJ Shadow, minus the samples. “The first half of the mix contains some brand new tracks from the new album combined in a soup of electronic sounds taken under the liquid and brought back out again,” he says. “The second half of the mix features some of the more popular tracks from the last seven years, some of which are heavily electronic while others explore an inescapable psychedelic side of my music taste.” Although Egadz breaks his set into parts, it’s hard for the casual listener to do the same. For us, this mix might as well be one clean 30-minute jaunt into space. “Listen to this mix at a good volume while you stare at the night sky, wondering if we will ever find out how this all came about,” Egadz advises, “or hanging out with friends having some drinks works too.” We're on it.