The Garden: The Best Neo-Punk Band Moonlighting as Models Right Now

The Garden is a neo-punk duo from Orange, Calif. that features identical twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears. They write songs that are fifteen seconds long, they wear women’s clothing, they speak in a secret lingo, and fashion powerhouse Saint Laurent Paris paid big bucks to fly them out to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week even though neither of them had ever modeled before.

“We walk quickly. We dress quickly. We work quickly. We record quickly,” says Wyatt commenting on both the catwalk and the Garden’s vinyl debut, The Life and Times of a Paperclip.

And he’s right: the album is quick: they tear through sixteen tracks in about eighteen minutes. Driven by just Wyatt’s bass and Fletcher’s drums, each track is sparse, haunting, aggressive, and seems to be written from a perspective only understood by the brothers.

Take, for example, “The Apple.” It begins with a distanced, marching drum beat until a vibrating bass that has so much reverb that it sounds like it was recorded in a cave. Only then does Wyatt call out in an equally distressed and equally curious tone, “It’s an apple walking around!” A menacing riff rushes up the side of the track and then the song ends. Whaaaat?!

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