Flying Lotus Gets News of His VMA 2013 Nomination at Heathrow Airport

As announced earlier today, electronic artist Flying Lotus has received an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Visual Effects. The nod recognizes the throbbing, bass-heavy clip that starred Elijah Wood, under the direction of David Lewandowski, who acted through most of the video armless. Of course his disability was of no consequence, since the collected detritus in his bedroom was kind enough to congeal into a new limb for the actor, making for one trippy video.

We reached out to the L.A.-based Flying Lotus, whose real name is Steven Ellison, to see how he felt about the nomination. As it happened, we caught him just as he stepped off a plane in London for a string of European dates. "I was in the customs line when I heard the news, so I freaked out a lil bit at the airport (wearing a hoodie, too)," he wrote us. "It's awesome, so awesome to be nominated and get some recognition from MTV. Guess I'll have to stop talking shit now."

Fans can vote for the video to win at until August 24 at 6 p.m. EST.

Until the Quiet Comes is out now via Warp.