Everyone Plays Everyone Else’s Songs at Americanarama

Photos: Getty Images

AmericanaramA, which began June 26 and runs through August 4, is effectively Bob Dylan’s baby — a package tour, headlined by Dylan and supported by Wilco, My Morning Jacket and a few different opening acts. (The final leg of the tour, which starts Thursday, will feature Ryan Bingham as an opener; on July 27, in Wantagh, NY, Beck will appear in lieu of MMJ.) The show-opening performers of the first two segments of the tour, though, have been artists with careers almost as long as Dylan’s, who’ve been playing his songs for decades. And the tour’s been marked, so far, by a string of collaborations and cross-tributes.

A few days before AmericanaramA even started, Wilco hinted at things to come: on June 21, they played an all-covers set at the Solid Sound Festival in Massachusetts, which featured their take on Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate.”

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