Geko Jones and Atropolis Usher Colombian Roots Music Into the 21st Century


Together, producer and DJs Geko Jones and Atropolis anchor a growing network of culture melding tropical bass artists in New York City and beyond. Geko, along with his partner Uproot Andy, is the brains behind the monthly-party-turned-micro-label Que Bajo, one of the most notable global dance brands in the country. Atropolis, for his part, rounds out the Cumba Mela music collective with 2melo and Thornato. Both Geko and Atropolis share a home on the Dutty Artz record label, through which they recently released the Palenque Records Remixed compilation.

The seed for Palenque Records Remixed was planted when Atropolis visited San Basillio de Palenque in Northern Colombia, a small and isolated Afro-Caribbean town with a rich musical history. There, he met Lucas Silva, founder of Palenque Records and archivist of live recorded music from the area. Atropolis brought the recordings back to New York to be remixed, bridging the gap between north and south, traditional and digital. “The mix is an exploration of roots music for the digital generation,” the duo tell Hive. “It straddles some of the oldest traditions of oral and musical history with some of the most cutting edge new sounds across the globe.” Remixes on this mix include work from Captain Planet, DZC Funk, DJ Reagonoics, Dany F, and aforementioned collaborators Uproot Andy and 2melo. “The traditions hidden in this mix are something that future generations can understand and learn from and serves as a lesson that in this age of new latest go-go-go culture, we still have a lot we can learn from those that came before us.” We can dance to that.


1.  Sexteto Tabala - Un Solo Pie (Geko Jones and Atropolis Remix)

2.  Mantanza - Puya

3.  Sexteto Tabala - Esto es Candela (Captain Planet Remix)

4.  La Chicambo - Franky Rizardo Remix

5.  Martina Camargo- El Mohan (2melo & Atropolis Remix)

6.  DZC Deejays - Leki Leki (DZC Funk Rmx 2013)

7.  Lao - Tribal Ha

8.  Estrellas Del Caribe- Sambingo (Geko Jones Remix)

9.  La Niña Emilia - Curucuchu (DJ Reaganomics Remix)

10. Lechuga Zafiro - Isla De Lores  (ATRAPAMBORIL)

11. Uengui Dia Ngola DZC Deejays Feat Badoxa Pro Rmx 2013

12. Etelvina Maldonado- Manulita (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Remix_

13. Estrellas Del Caribe - Kunchuzo (Dany F Remix)

14. Los Olivos- Ay Paloma (DJ Reaganomics & Geko Jones RMX)

15. Dj Paparazzi - Los Tarraxa

16. JSTJR- Bazouk (Original Mix)

17. Abelardo Carbono y su Conjunto- Palenque Palenque