Dance Duo Disclosure Is Ready for Their Close-Up in "F for You" Video

Despite being somewhat camera-shy for the first three videos supporting their debut album, Settle, dance duo Disclosure's Lawrence brothers finally show their pretty faces in the clubby video for "F for You." And why shouldn't they? These boy geniuses are adorable and seeing them actually play "F for You" somehow adds to the je ne sais quoi charm we pondered when we reviewed the record rather than detract from it. But in reality, the decision to show themselves may also have something to do with the fact that Howard Lawrence sings the song himself. We're just happy they're not hiding their identities behind robot masks or giant mouse heads.

Compared to past endeavors, this clip keeps things fairly minimal, with flashing lights foregrounding the kids as they plug away at their sophisticated doohickeys. If you were to take away the line drawings of their faces that occasionally flash in front of them, it might not be too different from seeing Disclosure live. (Then again, the drawings might be realistic, depending on how you party.) But if the group's sold-out UK tour dates are any indication, they've got nothing to prove.

Settle is out now on PMR Records.