Slow Ride: Listen to 15 Classic 45’s That Sound Awesome at 33

Hip-hop artists have been “chopping and screwing” mixes of their songs for years, which is to say they’ve been slowing them down to a more mellow pace. Recently, a group of vinyl-loving audiophiles have been treating some of their favorite songs the same way and posting them to YouTube. More than just a creepy name akin to a middle-aged dating scene, the 45-to-33 experiment happens when someone takes an old-school seven-inch single (often a well known one, but obscurities work too) and spins it at 33 rpm instead of the standard 45. The best part is that it requires no more technical skill than the ability to flip the speed on your turntable from 45 to 33. What’s so great about hearing songs played at the wrong speed? We’ve cherry-picked a truckload of tunes ideal for answering that very question.

Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”

After achieving solo super-stardom, the King of Pop did his best to sound edgy, yet still a product of his Motown past. But slowing down the a cappella mix of this 1987 hit sends Michael in the opposite direction, amping up the testosterone until you feel like you’re hearing a hot-and-bothered Rick James, albeit backed by the Kraftwerk choir.

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