Kate Nash Mixes Sweet and Sass at the O Music Awards

Attention, lovers of all things tough and girly! Moments ago at MTV's Times Square studio, British alt-pop songstress Kate Nash rocked some serious face for the O Music Awards with a lovely set of wistful, wonderful tunes made all the more powerful by their earnest simplicity. Looking seriously badass in a retro hairdo and flowy, striped mullet dress, Nash got right down to delivering her wares with equal parts sweetness and sass.

Accompanying herself on electro-acoustic guitar, Nash showed she has much in common with the strong female singer-songwriters who ruled MTV's airwaves back in the day, when artists like Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple and Jewel showed it was totally okay to express your feelings as sincerely or sardonically as you liked. (Or even both ways at once!) Songs like "O My God!" and "Fri-end?" showed off Nash's impressive ability to sound simultaneously snarly and fluttery. She mostly refrained from stage banter, but that was okay, because she already comes off as relatable and conspiratorial as your best friend at a slumber party. At one point, she did quip "I really wanna free the goat," referring to internet sensation Pearl the Goat, who is taking part in the night's festivities.

By the time she keened "you don't treat me like a friend, yeah," there was nary an audience member who didn't want to take her ex-friend's place. Kate Nash deserves all the friends in the world, dammit, and whatever else she asks for, too.

Watch the O Music Awards live stream below:

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