Watch Turnpike Glow's Paint-astic Video for "Her Flaming Lips"

In Turnpike Glow's music video for their latest single "Her Flaming Lips," the English/Italian band sat with bags over their heads as they got covered in red paint by mysterious men in white, all so we could get the primitive visual satisfaction of watching them get un-painted as the tape plays backwards. (Worth it.) The action is just mesmerizing enough to hold your attention without distracting from the song, which contains more tinkling, sunny guitars and catchy vocals than you can shake a hook at.

But just when you think you have this music video's number, there's a twist. WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE UNDER THE BAGS? "Our aim was to keep the viewer intrigued until the very end," the band tells MTV Hive.

The song's title is not just about some girl's hot lips, either, as the band's self-described "blazing, blown out sunshine" sound owes quite a bit to that storied rock and roll institution headed by Wayne Coyne. "The lyrics contain slightly tweaked song titles and visual references by the Flaming Lips, and narrate the tale of a young girl happy to be stuck in a “Flaming Lips” fantasy world," says the band. "The story of this girl is essentially the way the Flaming Lips’ music and live shows make us feel. There’s a rather powerful and unaffected feel-good message that comes across when you listen to their songs or attend one of their shows, which we tried to capture in this song." We totally know what they're talking about, and are glad that feeling now has a song attached.