Watch Rhye Perform A Stripped-Down Version of "3 Days"

It's hard to imagine Rhye performing a more sparingly beautiful version of any song from their debut album Woman, but that is exactly what they've accomplished here. Above, Mike Milosh of Rhye (yes, the one with the spine-tingling falsetto) is joined by Mocky and Lucky 2 for a romantic, stripped-down version of "3 Days." While the original version of the song is carried by a strong chord progression, punchy horn loop and subtle four-on-the-floor kick, this rendition is pushed along minimal aid from the guest musicians. Altogether, Mocky and Lucky's instrumentation defers to Milosh's alluring falsetto, punctuating radiant moments instead of trying to compete with them.

Rhye first caught the Internet's attention with the release of their first two singles, "Open" and "The Fall" in 2012. Although Rhye's identity was a mystery at first, it was eventually revealed that musicians Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal were the men behind the project. Their debut album Woman, a medley of minimal electro-soul gems, was released in March earlier this year and became the go-to album for date nights immediately. Plus, Milosh's falsetto and the minimal production aesthetic of the album inspired a wave of Rhye remixes on Hype Machine and SoundCloud. Hearing a brand-new cover from the album's original architect, however, is always a welcome treat.

For more Rhye, check out the video for "The Fall," below: