Check Out Photos From How to Destroy Angels' Stunning Show at the Apollo

[caption id="attachment_74299" align="alignleft" width="640"] How To Destroy Angels Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive.[/caption]

Harlem's Apollo Theater is famous for its weekly amateur hour, but last night the stage was only for pros, with Trent Reznor's band "How To Destroy Angels" commanding a sold-out, seated show in the opulent space. Although they've been releasing bits of material since 2010, their first full-length album, Welcome Oblivion, just came out last month. This show was their first in NYC, right on the heels of their highly anticipated Coachella appearances.

HTDA brought the same elaborate visual setup they used at the festival -- a synthesis of projections, LCD screens and a sheer wall of narrow plastic tubing that hangs in front of the band. The band's art director, Rob Sheridan, manipulates the effects live. For much of the show, all that could be seen of the five-piece act were their silhouettes through the futuristic veil, making their post-industrial soundscapes feel even more dystopian. The welcome feminine presence of lead singer Mariqueen Maandig (she and Reznor are married) balances the group's harsher tendencies, both musically and visually, and she shone last night on center stage, as Reznor screeched away on the guitar alongside her, singing occassionally. Pics from the HTDA set, as well as up-and-coming Brooklyn shoegazers DIIV (who opened the show) below.